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The backbone of 40 years of success at Présentation Design

Everyone wants to know which factors lead to long-term entrepreneurial success. Seeing how many companies spring up and die off every day, what would make a business flourish and grow… for over 40 years?!
Raymon Vintage

Leadership counts, no doubt of that. Does the director know how to mobilize the company troops? Create an original identity? Make the organization attractive to employees and collaborators?

Is the company’s product and image evolving at a rate that is in step with its market? Are they being adapted to new technologies? At the end of the day, will the results be profitable?

In light of some honest observations, here are some of the key factors that have led to our success over the years.Raymond L.

In 1973 Raymond Lefebvre started out, diploma in presentation design in hand, as a display designer in Montreal and New York. He quickly acquired the resources he needed to open his own company in 1974.

Lead by its founder for over 40 years, Présentation Design specializes in the design and construction of custom built modular stands. Raymond still has a hands-on involvement with the company. His creative spirit, rigour, integrity and curiosity foster close connections with clients and providers while driving the company’s continuously evolving offer.

Asked what has contributed to his company’s success the most, he doesn’t hesitate one second.

“Our constant attention to detail, regardless of the scale of the project, makes all the difference […]. We want to find the best solutions for our clients’ projects […]. Once we’ve found that solution and are executing it, we don’t leave anything to chance.”

Quality has always been a top priority. This philosophy is shared by the whole team, which is made up of some fifteen people today.

Some employees have worked with the company for 10, 15, 30 or even 35 years. This low turnover rate and high degree of loyalty are also significant.
Équipe VintageÉquipe 2015
With its design, graphics, printing, lamination, woodwork, painting, transportation and installation departments, today Présentation Design is a one-stop-shop.

“75% of the items we sell are developed and made here. We offer impeccable turnkey services throughout the world ­— and for the right price.”

There is no magic bullet for continued success and longevity. After all, many other issues can come into play.

But we are convinced that, with all the advantages described above, we’ll continue to progress in the years to come.

Fifty years would be good, right? And why would we stop there?Courchesne Larose Devant

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