Presentation Design: your ally in trade show displays

For over 50 years, Presentation Design has specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing customized exhibition booths, helping local and international companies shine across Canada and the United States.

Born of a passion for design

After studying design at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Raymond Lefebvre turned his passion for applied arts and architecture into a promising career. His journey began with the Terre des Hommes exhibition, a remarkable feature of Montreal’s Expo 67.

Early in his career as a designer, Raymond took on the task of designing his first show booths himself. In 1973, he laid the foundations for what would then become a successful company: Presentation Design.

Today, with over 50 years of expertise in the exhibition industry, Raymond keeps driving the company forward, propelled by an ever-growing team, embodying his tenacity, enthusiasm and willingness to take on any challenge.

A family story

Raymond’s daughter, Laurence Lefebvre, joined the team in 2014 as a sales project manager, before officially becoming a partner in 2019. She shares his passion for the show business and a job well done, and has no shortage of ambition for Presentation Design’s future. Her background in tourism and hospitality, as well as over 10 years of experience as a manager in the event industry and solid leadership skills, make her an ideal candidate for the next generation!

Presentation Design expects to grow in 2023 with a more sustainable approach, thanks to the father-daughter close collaboration. The company’s priorities are to develop and integrate innovative new manufacturing methods that will enable Presentation Design to continue to stand out for its excellence in the exhibition sector, all while reducing its environmental footprint and optimizing customer costs.

Raymond and Laurence actively engage with the next generation, consistently embracing the future and warmly welcoming recent graduates from the Cégep du Vieux Montréal program. They understand the significance of equipping future apprentices with essential skills while instilling values of diligence, curiosity, and an unwavering passion for the trade. Recognizing that the progress of the industry hinges on their development, Raymond emphasizes its vital importance. Presentation Design demonstrates support for the next generation by annually granting scholarships to the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, fostering perseverance and nurturing the limitless passion of these emerging talents.

Our values


Excellence is at the very heart of our philosophy. We are committed to giving it all we have, every day. To serve you best, we focus on speed, efficiency and quality in every aspect of our strategy.


Our pledge to our customers, projects and team is a big part of our DNA and our success. We devote significant attention to listening, in order to guide you in the right direction and identify, from the start, the needs, objectives and constraints specific to your project. Above all, we take great pride in ensuring results that meet your expectations.


Our products’ conception and manufacturing are constantly optimized by a conscious effort to stimulate creativity. Whatever the project, we are committed to providing you with innovative and profitable solutions.


Because we know projects are in constant evolution and exposed to unforeseen events, our team stays reactive and proactive in the face of the slightest changes, from our offices or during your events! Our watchword: adaptation.

At the heart of our mission:
tailor-made, unrivalled creative service

We are driven by the commitment to deliver seamless support to our customers, throughout planning and managing their show booths. Our comprehensive approach enables them to effectively showcase their products and services, allowing them to fully concentrate on their core business objectives with peace of mind.

50 years of custom exhibition booths solutions

Presentation Design has come a long way since 1973. We’re proud of every milestone we’ve reached, as they all represent a chapter of perseverance, passion and unwavering dedication to our craft.


Raymond Levebfre founds Presentation Design


The company wins several awards as a member of Octanorm Service Partner International


Fabric printing revolutionizes the manufacture of our exhibition stands


Raymond’s daughter Laurence joins the sales team


Raymond receives the Inspiration prize awarded by the Exhibition Industry Professionals Association in Quebec for his dedication to the exhibition field for over 45 years.

Laurence Lefebvre officially becomes a partner


Presentation Design stands by its customers, helping them maintain their businesses afloat by offering protective solutions. We are proud to have contributed to the resilience of our community in these unprecedented times!


Presentation Design is proud to celebrate their 50 years in the exhibit industry

First Raymond Lefebvre bursary awarded at Cégep du Vieux Montréal’s annual Student Merit Gala.

Our team of experts

In our unwavering pursuit to exceed our customers’ expectations, we have equipped ourselves with cutting-edge tools and established an expansive manufacturing center. This significant investment empowers our team of designers and creators to unleash their artistic genius, crafting exhibition stands that seamlessly blend efficiency and captivating visual appeal. Our commitment to innovation ensures that every project we undertake embodies the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic excellence.